Showcase iPhone 4

Premium Protection


With the advent of the iPhone 4, many worthy cases have surfaced to fight for the title of number one. All claim to protect the iPhone 4, all claim superiority, but a new contender has arrived to raise the bar. Introducing the Showcase iPhone 4, premium hardshell protection for the iPhone 4.

Starting with a base chassis of light weight polycarbonate, each Showcase is then bordered in a supple rubberized finish. The result is a premium hardshell case with a forgiving layer of shock absorbing protection. But protection is nothing without functionality so the Showcase offers complete access to the touch screen, buttons, ports, and jacks. Slip the Showcase into the included hip holster and it is easy to see why the Showcase iPhone 4 sets the bar for premium protection.

Let the pretenders to the throne bow down. The emperor has arrived.

This case only works with the older iPhone 4 for AT&T.

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Showcase for iPhone 4 is compatible with the iPhone 4 GSM ONLY. This case will NOT work with the iPhone 4 CDMA or iPhone 4S. A new Showcase is in the works that will fit both models. Don't have an iPhone 4? Chances are there is a Showcase available for you.